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Janis Korbs


Janis Korbs started his real estate career in 1979 after being laid off from his job at a telecom company. He was attracted to the business because of the potential to make lots of money by treating it like a lawyer or doctor would treat their practice. With his ethnic background he found himself focusing on the Latvian community, which today is producing lots of estate deals for him. Janis’ approach is that if it's not good for you then he’ll tell you and discourage you from the deal. He does not consider himself a salesperson, but someone that knows the real estate business, looking after people. Everytime Janis meets someone new he has to persuade them that they are dealing with the best in the world at looking after their interests. He sees himself as the most honest Realtor® in the world you can ever imagine, but no one believes him. His level of ethics are partially depicted by his belief that when having a home inspection done you should not interfere wit h the inspector’s process. In fact, he prefers to wait outside while the inspection is being done because it should be a totally uninfluenced, third party assessment. Janis’ advice to newbies is not to get caught up in all the modern gadgets, they are only tools and are not what the business is about. If you are going to saddle yourself up with the costs and time with novel tools just because you’re told that’s what you need, then you are going to have an expensive downfall. Very simply, real estate is about you and your client, so just do your business and take care of your clients.
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