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Rocco Cornacchia

Sales Representative

Rocco was attending Danforth Tech High School, when his brother introduced him to Gail, a shy fellow student. They hit it off and eventually started a life together and are now going on 46 years of marriage. After high school Rocco drove a taxi for over 10 years, often feeling like a psychiatrist and getting to learn not just the city but also better understand people. Gail worked in office administration for a small bank. Rocco decided to enter real estate in 1982 when the couple was selling one of their homes and he strongly disagreed with the price the realtors were placing on the home...he felt it was worth much more. So, he decided to get his real estate license and try and sell it himself, only to discover that the realtors were right about the price. Yet, it was the beginning of a new career for Rocco and within a few years he found himself needing help with his growing business. He asked his wife to leave her job and join him. Rocco’s outgoing, charismatic person ality was great at attracting business and Gail’s detail-oriented approach and administrative experience was great for caring for the clients. Together they formed an ideal team that has led to decades of success. At first, Gail had to get used to dealing with people face-to-face because her previous experience was back-end based. She discovered that she enjoys helping buyer clients find their ideal home. With Gail at his side, Rocco was able to focus on what he does best, talk to people and hand out his business card every chance he gets. One time he was in a line up at COSTCO when a mother with two children asked him to watch her children while she went to the bathroom. Two days later, she called Rocco to ask him to sell her house for her. Rocco and Gail believe in being very honest, not beating around the bush, telling clients what they need to hear rather than want to hear and getting the job done. With Rocco’s consistent networking and Gail’s system of follow up (based on the Brian Buffini model) this couple continues to enjoy a successful business together.
Languages: English

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