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Roger Beech


Roger Beech began his career in real estate in 1987. After attending the University of Waterloo, he spent eight years in the restaurant industry in Toronto, Canada and London, England and several years as a model/actor doing print and T.V. commercials in Europe. His training ground included rising to regional sales manager in Ontario for the then largest waterbed company in Canada, where he developed his sales skills including a deep understanding of the psychology of consumers. These skills would soon serve him well in his new career. Like most realtors starting out in real estate, he began on the residential side developing relationships with 300 households in his market area. One of the residents approached him about selling his gas station. Roger took on the challenge and started learning the car wash and gas station business, as well as developing a database of Buyers from his Toronto Star ads. The owner eventually decided not to sell, but in the process, had provided Roger with invaluable learning which bore him fruits when he stumbled upon his next deal. Late one night Roger stopped for fuel when he struck up a conversation with the owner-operator who was complaining about having to work at his age with his deteriorating health condition. Roger persuaded the owner to sign a 24 hour listing. He immediately went through his database and to the owner
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