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About Sheetal Laar, Sales Representative

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Sheetal Laar

Sales Representative

Sheetal Laar started her path to real estate years before she was a Realtor®. At just 21 years of age, on a shoe-string budget, she transformed a dilapidated 3 storey century old building in Toronto, to a three unit residence that proved a profitable venture for her family. Having graduated with a film degree from Queen's University, and an interest in architecture, she travelled to Europe, returning 5 years later to start designing, renovating and flipping houses, on her own, in the East end of Toronto. She lives for the excitement of every day being different, meeting new people, and facing new challenges. Sheetal is one of a few green certified agents in Toronto and enjoys teaching and helping people understand what it means to have a green home. Sheetal loves making a difference and is a ‘change agent’ on a mission to educate people on how the homes we live in can contribute to our environment. She plans to spend her life in real estate, working closely with people and coaching them about renovating, re-purposing, going paperless, and what we can do with waste materials. She is a fiercely creative neighbourhood activist and is continually supportive and involved in the arts scene in Toronto.
Languages: English

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